Lodewijk Westerwoudt and Hans Hommel established Factum Advocaten on 1 January 2015 with the aim of providing enterprises with the best possible legal advice and assistance. The firm focuses entirely on businesses and their commercial interests.

Factum Advocaten acts on behalf of IT companies, financial institutions and enterprises, and businesses in various industrial sectors – from multinationals to SMEs.

Lodewijk Westerwoudt en Hans Hommel have all the necessary knowledge and expertise in corporate and business law, commercial law and financial law.

At Factum Advocaten, we advise you and conduct legal proceedings on your behalf. We can advise you on practically all aspects of the legal areas we specialise in. Our litigation practice encompasses all types of legal proceedings.

After a thorough analysis of the facts underlying each case, our lawyers base their advice and legal proceedings on this analysis and their in-depth knowledge of the facts of the case. This explains the name “Factum Advocaten”.