Businesses enter into commercial and non-commercial relationships with other enterprises and with third parties, and these relationships are recorded in all kinds of contracts and agreements. The knowledge within a company forms the enterprise’s tool kit and is used to create added value in these commercial relationships. Entering into commercial relationships and performing contracts also involves certain liability and bad debt risks, and these matters are governed by commercial law.

At Factum Advocaten, our lawyers have knowledge and experience in the following matters:

  • contracts and disputes relating to purchase and sale;
  • general terms and conditions;
  • trade agreements and cooperation agreements, including distributor agreements, agency contracts and franchise agreements;
  • IT contracts such as licence agreements, service level agreements and escrow agreements;
  • competition law;
  • right of retention;
  • debt collection and property seizure;
  • intellectual property, including trademark and trade name rights, copyright, database rights, design rights and patent rights;
  • liability and product liability.

At Factum Advocaten, our lawyers have all the necessary practical experience for representing and safeguarding your commercial interests. Factum Advocaten helps businesses to draw up and evaluate contracts and general terms and conditions. Our lawyers also help business people to protect their company’s tool kit by recording their intellectual property rights in a legal document, and conducting effective legal proceedings if these rights are violated.